About me

I’m in charge of cross boarder dialogues for Kakao Ventures. And a long time fan of . I also write both in Korean and English. I try to shed some light on the venture companies or smart folks I run into.
I’ve been liking a lot now. It has replaced LinkedIn in a sense, especially for 1st impressions. || LinkedIn || Twitter ||  Personal blog (브런치)
I (sort of) run a job opportunity bulletin via a KakaoTalk public group chat. It’s entirely for Koreans wanting to share or apply to VC/startup gigs in Korea atm. If you’re one, feel free to drop in, and be mindful of the guidelines.
When I can, I try to update the Kakao Ventures’ official  blog. I don’t get paid any extra for it. Main purpose is to highlight the selected portfolios and show off a bit. → Go check it out @ Medium.
Dabbled with, in the past...
→ Personal @inbae | Work